Navigating the Parent-Child Attachment

Dr. Tanya Cotler on the I'm Not Your Shrink Podcast

This week, Dr. Tracy is sitting down with Dr. Tanya Cotler, a renowned clinical psychologist and co-founder of Renni, to discuss attachment science and its profound influence on our parenting and relationships. Dr. Cotler sheds light on how our earliest years, particularly the first three, significantly shape our relationship blueprints. Listen to the Podcast.  

What is the Essence of ‘Good Enough’? Bridging Child and Adult Psychology with Dr Tanya Cotler

Dr. Tanya Cotler on The Good Enough Mother

In this episode, we dive into the concept of the “good enough mother” from the perspective of Dr Tanya Cotler, who is a Clinical Psychologist, author, and speaker specializing in reproductive mental health, infant mental health, and parent-child attachment. Tanya has studied the work of Winnicott (who is the creator of the concept of ‘the