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From Fear to Hope is a Free Workbook designed to allow your children to explore and process their emotions and feelings. 

Uncertain times bring up fear due to the lack of predictability in the environment, which we rely on to feel safe. Relationships have the power to build resilience- we can move through hard things as long as one person helps us to feel connected and not alone.  This workbook is a series of drawings prompts that will help you connect with your child, all while giving your child a means to communicate their feelings in a way that is easier for them then spoken word (drawing, playing).

Help your child feel safe and brave with #fromfeartohope

from fear to hope | #fromfeartohope campaign
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Together with friends at Other Life Lessons, Dr Cotler put together From Fear to Hope as a way to connect with our worldwide community. If you’d like to have your child’s drawing as a part of this compilation, please email a copy of your photo to and be part of our shared remembering!