Inside a Mother’s Mind

Karen Kleiman, an international maternal mental health expert and author (2012) writes that over 90 percent of mothers will experience scary thoughts postpartum. However, when these thoughts are cast to the shadows out of fear or shame this can perpetuate a cycle of anxiety, depression, and possibly self-harm. Read More >>

The Agency Roar

Since time immemorial, societies have held motherhood to a standard of perfection; mothers must be all-capable polite, and patient heroes. Central to this mythical perfection is the notion that mothers shouldn’t express (or feel!) anger. Whether witnessed and silenced to the zone of the unspeakable or cast out of the realm of our conscious experience, anger

Mother Matters

Mother Matters, Tanya Cotler

Human beings thrive when they feel that they have free will, their mind matters, and that they are seen and understood. This experience—termed personal agency—is particularly important during phases of vulnerability, life transitions, and times of identity development and change, such as new motherhood. Read More >>