Create an intentional relationship by becoming more attuned to yourself, your child, and the bond between you

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As a child and adult psychologist, Dr Cotler specializes in reproductive and maternal mental health as well as parent-child attachment. With her unique training, she brings a mindfulness to her integrative approach and helps identify your origin story so that you can be present in your relationship today, especially in moments where trauma (yours or intergenerationally passed down) is at play.  

It can be a pivotal and powerful experience to truly see the child in front of us. In being present, you can help put words to your child’s emotions, validate their feelings, establish trust, and show them that you’ll consistently be there for them. Once they feel seen and heard, they’ll know you carry their mind in your mind. This gives permission to your child to move through whatever it is they are feeling in a safe and non-judgmental way.