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Developing a Secure Attachment

An interactive way for parents learn to create a secure attachments relationship, this workshop draws from mindfulness techniques of attention, reflection and description in combination with pleasure and play. We will break down parenting myths, demystify romantic notions of parenting, and learn what truly makes a secure attachment relationship.

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Mindful Parenting

A 2-hour workshop for parents and children of all ages, Mindful Parenting focuses on increasing parenting confidence, reducing stress, and nurturing a positive parent-child relationship.

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The Mother2Woman Group

This group is open to new mothers with babies (0-1) and is a place for moms to come (with baby, if desired) to talk all about the journey to motherhood as well as the isolation and disconnection you might be feeling. By integrating stories of conception and birth, along with our larger family of origin narratives, we process our journey to our now mother self. 

A safe space to connect with others and reconnect with yourself. Maternal mental health allows you to truly be present for both you and your child. This group will support you in ways that help you feel recognized because YOU matter.

*Eligible for insurance reimbursement with most insurance companies under psychological services

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The Not-So-New Moms Group

This group is open to mothers of babies 12 months to 5 years old to discuss all things motherhood. It combines an educational tools/skills component focused on building mindfulness and an exploratory component involving reflection on our motherhood narratives and mother selves. Through guided discussion, we cover everything from mindful parenting to practical information on how to deal with tantrums and behavior changes in your growing toddlers. Ultimately this group is a place to uncover your motherhood narrative and emotions around motherhood to give voice to your needs, desires, and pleasures as a mother and womxn, all in the safety of an intimate group.

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*Dr. Cotler continues to see private patients as well as therapy groups and workshops at RENNI. For more information, contact Dr. Cotler, or visit www.Renni.ca

Dr Cotler’s foundational theory on Mindful Parenting is based on her 4 Relationship Rs approach. Moving from self-exploration to self-awareness into the everyday experience of a parent-child relationship shows how important both the parent and the child are in a secure attachment. It’s a non-linear process that moves through guided reflection, narrative recognition, and a series of rupture & repair.

The 4 Rs


Reflection is a process whereby you learn to name your body sensations, thoughts in your head (from today and past), and feeling states (naming practices), so you can better identify what you need in any moment. By breaking down our experiences and reactions to them into a step-by-step reflective process, we learn to move through our world with mindfulness and self-compassion.


Recognition is the process of integrating Reflection practices into your role as parent. By noticing the child in front of you, their body sensations, thoughts in their  mind, and feeling states, you facilitate co-regulation. By going through these steps with your child, you create a mindful space filled with compassion.

Rupture & Repair

Through a series of ruptures and repairs, the child learns that s/he can build trust in the parent. The child learns that the parents see them and continues to love them unconditionally even if boundaries are being set. These mismatches give rise to opportunity for the parent to help put words to the child’s emotional state while also showing that they will consistently be there no matter what.